December 22, 2020
by An887 - 0 Comments

Hi technical services have trained and certified professionals who work on installation and repair of generators. Our technicians are highly experienced to provide incredible service to each customer.

Generator require periodic maintenance and so, we perform the following tasks
  • Cleaning all the parts thoroughly
  • Checking for any leaks of coolant and lubricating oil
  • Checking the coolant and lubricating oil levels in the tanks meant for them
  • Checking if there is enough fuel (gas, kerosene, diesel or petrol)
  • Changing oil in the engine and coolant after every 50-100 hours of operation or as
    per instructions given in the instruction manual
  • Checking the filters for dust and changing them periodically

We ensure your generators get repaired quickly and competently. We work on a list of maintenance and inspection services that vary according to the size and model of the unit.